Vive unveils new accessories and subscription service at CES

Vive at CES 2017, introducing two new accessories and new services that will lay the foundation of the VR ecosystem for years to come.

The Vive Tracker enables motion tracking for entirely new form factors within the VR world. It is the  foundation for building a new accessories ecosystem for  Vive. In fact, there are many partners in our space at CES showing off their Vive Tracker integrations including multiple rifles built for VR shooters, a baseball bat, a firehose and haptic gloves for a truly immersive VR experience. showing you a sneak peek at some of these apps and products during our Live Stream happening both Thursday and Friday from 12-2pm PST. At its core, the Vive Tracker will integrate with any number of future VR accessories via a simple connection, ensuring developers and consumers will have a single accessory to unlock thousands of new experiences . The Tracker weighs just under three ounces (90g) and is 99.65mm (Diameter) x 42.27mm (Height).


The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is designed with adjustable headphones, allowing you to enjoy even more comfort and convenience.   The headstrap features integrated headphones and a new customizable sizing dial for quickly adjusting the fit of the headstrap, ensuring a tighter and more comfortable fit.   The Deluxe Audio Strap will also be available in Q2. Pricing for both the Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap will be announced soon.