“Vine” is no more, but it still live on as a camera app

The Vine app is being transformed into a pared-down camera app comes January the Vine Camera app, to be also exact. While it will no longer be a service for hosting new six-second videos, the new app will let you create looping clips of that length.


You can save videos to your phone or share them directly on Twitter (Twitter bought Vine in 2012). While it would seem you could share Camera clips onto any platform once they’re saved on your phone.

It is also making easier for your Vine followers to tag along on Twitter with the help of a “Follow on Twitter” alert. This will start popping up on it in the coming days. Lastly, it is giving users the ability to download their Vines from the current app and website

Though the community is still suffering the loss of the service as it exists, this seems like as user-friendly a solution as could have been concocted. Users will still have what’s basically the core feature, plus get a new camera app to fiddle around with.