The Twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi and Indian National Congress was hacked

The official twitter handle of congress party has been hacked, the official account has 1.38 million followers, Abusive tweets were posted on the Congress’s account @INCIndia earlier Thursday although those tweets were removed within 30 minutes. The party’s website has also been found to be hacked.


Late Wednesday evening, Rahul Gandhi Twitter account was also found to be hacked. Several unsavoury tweets were sent out from the handle to its 1.21 million followers. The name of the account, which is called “Office of RG”, was first changed and then abusive comments posted from the hacked Twitter handle.


Though the team responsible for managing the account took quick action and deleted the distasteful tweets, the damage was done. Within a few minutes, images of the tweets were widely circulated on social networking sites and, eventually, Twitterati trolled Rahul Gandhi.


The Delhi Police has registered a FIR into the hacking of Gandhi’s Twitter account on the basis of a complaint filed Wednesday. The police said an investigation has been initiated and are looking at all aspects regarding cyber crime.

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