SBI Disables “Transfer Money To Paytm” Option On Internet Banking

The State Bank of India has disabled the option to transfer money to Paytm wallets from its internet banking services. SBI tweeted “We recommend using State Bank Buddy mobile (bank’s own wallet) app for Android and iOS devices”. When one of the bank’s users tweeted that SBI Buddy’s interface is poor, Paytm replied by tweeting, “Happiness is guaranteed at Paytm”.



SBI’s official Twitter account has said that its internet banking users can no longer transfer money to their Paytm wallets. And in candour that’s unusual in the corporate world, it says it “recommend(s) using State Bank Buddy mobile”, their own wallet

The comment was made when a Twitter user complained to SBI’s official account about being unable to add money to their Paytm wallet. There was some outrage at the move, with some users claiming that the move
was anti-competitive, and to the obvious detriment of Paytm.


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