Adventurous 3D game Myst is now available on Android

Myst was one the first great CD-ROM games when it came out in 1993, and its sequel, Riven, was also visually stunning when it came out in 1997. 24 years after the first title came out, those games are heading to mobile devices running Android.

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Spokane, Wash.-based Cyan is announcing today it has teamed with Saskatoon, Canada-based Noodlecake Studios to bring the classic adventure puzzle titles to Google Play and Amazon. RealMyst (a real-time 3D version that debuted in 2000) is available for download today for $7, and Riven will be coming out soon. It’s another example of how mobile games can bring back memories for parents and get a new generation to learn about classic video games.

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Originally released on PC in 1993, Myst strands players on a mysterious island, and tasks them with solving a series of intricate puzzles in order to uncover its multiple world-spanning stories. It helped usher in a new wave of CD-ROM games, and up until 2002, it was widely considered the best-selling PC game of all time. (It was eclipsed by The Sims that year.)Myst has since been ported to a range of platforms and made its mobile debut on the iOS way back in 2009. Its sequel, Riven, is also coming to Android, with Cyan saying it will be released “soon.”

The game leaves the players stranded on an island full of mysteries and requires them to solve puzzles in order for the story to unfold. Apart from the full Myst gameplay, realMyst has interaction guides to understanding how to interact with objects as well as a bookmark feature to save and restore game progress, there are two distinct versions of the game – Myst and realMyst. The former features 2D graphics and the latter features 3D graphics with expanded exploration. realMyst is what’s been released on Android on Thursday.

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