The iPhone Got A New Super-Private Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser is trying to give iPhone owners more options to privacy in the face of increased government pressure on the likes of Apple to cough up user data.

It’s today launched Firefox Browser Focus, a browser designed to make it simple internet in private and block harmful advertisements.



It has no tabs, no menus, and no pop-ups, but most crucially it contains, by default, the same ad and content blocking features as Mozilla’s previous attempt to encourage privacy on iPhones, just called Focus.

That app, ran only alongside Apple’s Safari browser and not Firefox iOS due to the Cupertino company’s restrictions on who could access the content blocking functionality on iOS.

Firefox Focus combines that app with Mozilla’s browser.

It incorporates a list of blocked content providers deemed to be harmful from privacy tech specialists Disconnect.

Trackers thrust on users’ iPhones from web analytics, social and advertising companies will be blocked too, and history can be erased with the tap of a single button.

As with incognito modes in various browsers, cookies are blocked too.

All of this should make the browsing experience faster too, Mozilla said.