Google Spaces app will stop working from April 17

Google is shutting down Spaces app that it launched last year to experiment with a new approach to small group sharing. Spaces will be fully closed down on April 17. Google’s Product Manager John Kilcline, in a Google+ post, said the company will apply what it has learned from Spaces to its existing products. “Unfortunately, this means that we’ll be saying goodbye to supporting Spaces,” Kicline said.

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Google Spaces app

Spaces app was launched to explore better group sharing experiences. However, Google is shutting it down even before the app completed a year. Spaces app combines Search, Chrome, and YouTube into one place where users can share links to articles, videos in a group chat, without leaving the app. Spaces were rolled out for Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web for all Gmail accounts.

Google has tried its hands at numerous social media sites but has mostly failed to do well. Hangouts, formerly G-Chat, has ended up being a neglected space with other apps and messaging platforms overtaking it in terms of popularity. The Redmond-based search giant will most likely incorporate some of the likable of features of Spaces into its Allo messaging app.

Google Allo, which comes with Google Assistant in-built, was announced at the company’s annual developer conference last year. The USP of the app is it uses Google’s voice assistant powered by artificial intelligence to do a lot more that other messaging apps in the same space. Google Allo, which allows users to simply sign-in using their mobile number, has been designed keeping Indian users in mind. Plus, Google Assistant for Allo understands Hindi.

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Spaces will be read-only on March 3, which means users won’t be able to create new spaces, posts, and comments or invite new members. Before April 17, Spaces users can save, print and delete their content. Spaces and its content will be deleted on April 17. “Thanks again for trying Spaces. We look forward to continuing to create great ways for you to share the content that matters most to you,” said Kilcline.