How to create GIF video’s easily using your android smart phone

Do you know what is GIF video ? are you curious to know about it and want to create one for you? just go through the article and have fun by making it. When i heard about it, i was excited and thought must share  with you all.

GIF Camera is an amazing application that gives you the ability to record video and save it as a GIF file. The coolest thing about it is the “Gravity Lock” feature, which keeps the picture orientation on place, no matter how much you rotate your device (see the video for example). GIF Camera is an unique animated GIF video creator.

GIF Camera

  •  Make GIFs from the device’s camera.
  •  Camera selection enables you to choose between front and back camera.
  •  Auto-focus.
  •  Flash light
  • GIF Camera is a GIF Maker which has its own GIF gallery browser.
  • Saved GIF’s from your GIF camera gallery can be further edited.
  • Lock Gravity (See the video). Gravity Lock is similar to the video camera 360 idea.
  •  Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email and MMS.
  •  GIF Camera, your personal GIF video Maker has no restriction on the GIF size (It depends on your device’s resources)
  •  GIF editor is the place where you can easily loop your recorded GIF, add filters, change the parameters, etc.
  • Crop your Gif using the two thumb seekbar.
  •  Reverse the frame sequence of your GIF.

GIF Camera highlights:

  • GIF Camera! The easiest way to create animated GIF’s on Android.
  • GIF Camera! A tool can make photos more active.


It’s really an amazing app. This free app can record the funny moments happening every time, and make it much more interesting.

It’s really an amazing app during vacation. This free app can record the funny moments happening in vacation, and make it much more interesting. It’s about the same as Cinemagram which is hot on iphone.

GIF Cameras Features

Make GIF : Capture the funny moments of your friends,family and pets by GIF Cameras, and save it to animated GIF’s;

Funny GIF : GIF Cameras is your daily source for funny gifs and funny animated pictures! Large collection of the best new GIF’s!

Photo To Gif:Create animated GIF video with your local photos,You can control whatever speed you want !

GIF Album: Save GIF to camera gallery,and you can remake it!