Facebook launched “FbStart” to help mobile startups succeed

“FbStart” is a program from Facebook that helps mobile startups succeed.  FbStart is offering a package of free tools and services designed to help mobile startups build and grow their idea into a real business. It also provides year-round mentorship opportunities to connect directly with the Facebook team as well as an exclusive community of global startups.


FbStart from Facebook

FbStart considers all mobile developers building native apps (iOS or Android). This includes apps that have not yet launched, those that are live in the app stores, and even those that have been live but are now starting to accelerate their growth.

FbStart program consists of two tracks for startups at different stages of app development and growth: Bootstrap and Accelerate. Go through the below mentioned benefits of Bootstrap and Accelerate tracks.

Bootstrap Benefits

A bootstrap track is tailored to early-stage startups and has just launched their mobile app. Once accepted into Bootstrap track, it will help you leverage your benefits and advance through the program.

As a Bootstrap Track member, you will be entitled to the following benefits from Facebook and its partners:

Accelerate Benefits

The Accelerate track is for startups that are thriving but are now looking to scale. It will help you turn your great app into an even better business.

As an Accelerate Track member, you will be entitled to the following benefits from Facebook and its partners:

Social Good Apps

In addition to Bootstrap or Accelerate track benefits, it provides a custom package that empowers social good developers, non-profits, and NGOs to connect with the people who care about their causes.

Social good developers and non-profits receive exclusive benefits and services from:


As a game developer, you’ll be entitled to a set of benefits specific to mobile game developers, as well as support opportunities with the Games team at Facebook. and it is Coming Soon