Facebook threatens LinkedIn by creating job tab on the Facebook page

In a direct threat to LinkedIn, social networking giant Facebook is experimenting with a job opening tab on its business Pages.

Many small businesses post about their job openings on their Facebook page, now Facebook is planning to run a test for page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.”


The new feature is not only a threat to LinkedIn but developers like Workable and Jobscore that build “Jobstab applications that businesses can embedded in their FacebookPages.

The new feature may help companies drive traffic to their Facebook Page beyond marketing their products in the News Feed, the report added.

The job postings will also show up in a Jobs tab of the Page, creating a place where companies can send job seekers.

Job postings will include an “Apply Now” button, helping job seekers to quickly apply for multiple jobs without typing in redundant information.

Submitted applications will be received by the Page as a FacebookMessage.

LinkedIn has 467 million members compared to 1.79 billion Facebook users.