Facebook is bringing games like Pac-Man to its mobile app and Messenger

Facebook is bringing games like Pac-Man to its mobile app and Messenger

People spend a lot of time playing video games on Facebook, roughly 15 percent of all time spent on Facebook is playing games, the company says.


Facebook just pushes people to the App Store or Google Play store to download games instead. That’s about to change, the company announced Tuesday. Facebook is rolling out a product called Instant Games, “a new HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience” that is available on Messenger and Facebook News Feed for both mobile and web users. Since they’re built on the HTML5 mobile web standard, the games load in seconds and don’t need to be downloaded.

Instant Games are available in 30 countries and launches with 17 games “from classic developers like Bandai Namco, Konami, and Taito as well as newer studios like Zynga and King”. The biggest draw of Instant Games is how quick you can start playing. You tap the game controller icon in one of your message threads, choose a game from the list, it loads in seconds, you play a short round, and your high score gets automatically posted to the private or group chat thread.

You can even share a stylised high score screenshot that you can Doodle on top of like Snapchat to trash talk your opponents. And if you share a game to the News Feed, friends can jump right into the action from Facebook’s app or website. For now, the platform is in closed beta, but developers can apply to build Instant Games here.