Amazon India Now Lets You sell your used products, ‘Sell as Individual’

As like Quicker you can sell used products in Amazon India, it has launched new service called ‘Sell as Individual’ that lets you sell new and used products on the e-commerce website. It is easy to get started with, includes doorstep pickup, packing, and delivery of products.

Whether you are a small home entrepreneur or an individual trying to sell your products online, Amazon India has just made things simpler. However, the service is currently only available for users in Bangalore.

To sell a product, just go to the Sell as Individual page Next, click on ‘Start Selling’ button and fill-up details for your product listing.You will have to choose a category from the available options. For instance, if you want to sell a mobile phone or tablet, select ‘electronic’ category.

Sell as Individual

After you select the category, say mobile phone, you will have to enter other details. This includes brand, model, color, internal storage, all of which will need to be selected from the drop-down menu. Below this, you will be asked if it’s a new or used product. If selling a used device, you will have to select options such as the age of the device, physical condition, and warranty details.

Its charges seem pretty reasonable – for items under Rs. 1,000 the fee is Rs. 10, for up to Rs. 5,000 it becomes Rs. 50, and for items of greater value, the fee is Rs. 100.

Sell as Individual

To promote the service, Amazon is also offering Rs. 1,000 as Amazon Pay balance. If you sell five books, video games, movies, or music; or, if you sell one mobile phone, tablet, or laptop you will get Rs. 1,000 as Amazon Pay balance.